Fabulous Farmer's Market Finds in May

Farmer's Market
Photo by Acrylicartist, Morguefile.com
Think it's too early to visit your local farmer's market? Think again! Sure the home-grown watermelons aren't ripe yet, and it's too early for fresh carrots, but lots of other whole foods goodies are ready to go.

My local midwestern market has plenty of hydroponic tomatoes, asparagus and leaf lettuce. The honey vendors are out in full force. And the egg and meat farmers have their local products for sale too.
The Farmer's Market Cookbook: More Than 100 Recipes Using the Freshest IngredientsMy local farmer's market has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Whether it's the chilly start of market season or the fall wrap-up, craft vendors abound. From dried flowers and wood crafts to jewelry artisans and painters, there's always something to look at even if your favorite produce isn't in season.

And of course, the bakeries make decadent appearances all season long. To keep your sweet tooth happy and your healthy eating plan in place, opt for items made with whole wheat flour, raw honey, farm-fresh eggs and local milk.

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