Pumpkin + Chocolate = Eww!

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Pumpkin this. Pumpkin that. I love pumpkin as much as anyone else, but when it comes to mixing this fall squash with chocolate--the madness has to stop!

Give me a dense pumpkin pie, fluffy pumpkin muffins, spicy pumpkin bars topped with cream cheese frosting and I'm a happy girl.

And since this blog is about healthy, whole foods, I will say I also love roasted cubes of pumpkin and a smooth, creamy pumpkin soup.

But, please don't mix chocolate and pumpkin. Those chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes on Pinterest make me want to gag.

Do you like pumpkin and chocolate together?

If you have a no-fail-to-die-for-chocolate-with-a-little-bit-of-pumpkin-in-it recipe to share, I might try it. Maybe. If it looks really tasty. Please comment below!

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(And have a Spooktacular Halloween!)

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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Honey Face Mask Review: Check Out all the Sticky Sweet Details!

Photo Credit: Angela Tague
I've read honey is just as good for you on the outside as the inside. As a natural antibacterial, it helps clear away acne-causing bacteria. As a humectant, honey moisturizes the driest of skin.

So, when I was approached by Lotus Moon to give its USDA certified Organic Honey Purifying Masque a try, I was elated. Here's the fine print. I was given a free 2.5 fl. oz. sample of the facial masque in exchange for my honest review. So, here it is!

Applying the Honey Masque
The dark, golden gel smooths on easily. I thought it might be sticky or drippy, but it was not. My only complaint is the masque initially has a very strong odor that reminds me of whiskey. As it dried on my skin, the odor went away.

After 20 minutes, I washed away the masque using warm water, as suggested by the manufacturer. There was no peeling needed, like some heavier facial masque products. The honey, aloe vera, oat extract, rooibos tea extract and jojoba oil in the product hydrated and balanced my skin, since it doesn't feel oily or dry.

Honey Facial Results
After the treatment, my skin felt soft and smooth. Later in the day I went swimming and am happy to report that my skin still felt hydrated and soft even after the exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water.

Since I've always wanted to try a homemade honey facial, reviewing this product was really a fun task. The Lotus Moon product was much less messy than working with pure honey and fits into my Whole Foods Living lifestyle. Lotus Moon doesn't condone or use animal testing and all of its ingredients are FDA compliant and paraben-free.

So, have you ever tried a honey facial? What did you like or dislike about it?

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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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Apples, Apples Everywhere!

 Photo Credit: Alvimann, morgueFile
In the Midwest, apples and pumpkins are the top fall crops for home bakers. Last weekend at the local farmer's market, nearly every booth had at least two or three varieties of crisp, fall apples and a pumpkin or two for sale.

I've been keeping busy making apple crisp and applesauce.

When I whip up a batch of applesauce, I like to sweeten the apples with raw honey and cinnamon. For a crisp, I experiment. Sometimes the topping includes chopped nuts or dried fruit, like walnuts or cranberries. When I really want to be sinful, I top apple crisp with homemade caramel sauce.

Are apples plentiful in your neck of the woods too? What have you been making?

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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes Everywhere!

Cooking down the tomatoes. Photo by Angela Tague
The days feel like summer, evenings like fall. Welcome to October in the central Midwest.

My garden is slowly dying down and I'm in the process of figuring out what to do with all of these tomatoes! I have red, yellow and orange goodies to put to good use.

Two weeks ago I made a batch of spicy red pepper pizza sauce. Last weekend it was homemade pasta sauce with mushrooms, bell peppers and onions thrown into the mix. I also froze some peeled tomatoes for a future batch of chili or tomato soup.

How do you like to use your end-of-season garden tomatoes?

If you have any tips for making good use of the green tomatoes still on the vine, please let me know. It's to dip down into the 30s this weekend, and I don't want the tomatoes to go to waste!

Until Next Time,
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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living