Lovin' Limes

Try baking with fresh limes.
Photo by Hotblack, Morguefile.com
One of my favorite summertime flavors is lime. So, what's the first lime-flavored treat that comes to mind? For me, it's always key lime pie.

The tangy, creamy, cool pie somehow melts away the heat, humidity and better part of an afternoon. It isn't a quick pie to make when you're working from scratch.

My local grocery store had limes on sale 12/$1 and I just couldn't resist grabbing a few. Since I didn't have the time or patience to whip up a pie, I had to search for a new use for those limes.

I stumbled across a lime shortbread cookie recipe at the Land O' Lakes website that looked easy and tasty. I whipped up a batch in no time (using unbleached rice flour) and they were fabulous! Since I can't eat healthy all the time, this was a nice little homemade treat.

Next time I'm going to try substituting powdered stevia for the ultra-bad-for-me powdered sugar. What are you favorite lime recipes? I'd love to learn a healthier, yet sweet, lime concoction for the future.

Until Next Time!

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