Oatmeal Makeover! 5 Oatmeal Combinations

I really do enjoy oatmeal. If you're envisioning a bowl of mushy gray overcooked oats covered in sugary additives, you haven't ventured past the world of microwave quick oats packets. With whole grain steel cut oats and stove top cooked oatmeal readily available, give this heart-healthy whole food a second chance.

Enjoy oatmeal with fruits, nuts and seeds.
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Plain oatmeal is boring. I agree. That's why I treat this breakfast-regular like a blank slate each morning. I enjoy experimenting with various oatmeal toppings and mix-ins to create new flavors. From fruits and nuts, to seeds and sweeteners, here are five of my favorite oatmeal combinations.

1. Blueberry Pie Oatmeal
Mix fresh washed blueberries, milled flax seed and almond slivers into the oatmeal a minute before it's done. The blueberries will get warm, and the almonds will not get mushy.

2. Sweet and Salty Oatmeal
Sprinkle salted sunflower seed hearts and a drizzle of honey over a fresh hot bowl of oatmeal.

3. Apple Cobbler Oatmeal
Add a fresh apple cut into cubes to the oats while they cook. Then a minute before the oatmeal is done, stir in ground cinnamon, milled flax seed and chopped walnuts.

4. Mixed Berry Oatmeal
Try folding raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and a sprinkle of powdered stevia into a hot bowl of oatmeal.

5. Strawberry Oatmeal
This simple oatmeal mix-in is 100 times better than the dried strawberries found oatmeal packets. Simply add sliced strawberries and a packet of stevia to the oatmeal while it bubbles and cooks.

So, what's your favorite way to eat oatmeal?
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