Book Review: Wheat Belly Total Health

William Davis, MD is back with another delicious serving of grain-free advice in his latest book, Wheat Belly Total Health (2014).

Whether you follow a wheat-free diet or simply want to understand nutrition and how wheat affects the body, Davis is ready to help!

In his fourth Wheat Belly book, Davis makes it very clear that going wheat-free isn't enough. Now it's time to consider trying a grain-free lifestyle. Why? In Wheat Belly Total Health he explains the history of grains and how the body digests these foods.

In a nutshell, grains were initially mass produced to feed livestock, not humans. Animals process foods differently than we do, and we simply aren't designed to get much good from these foods. Davis even points out ailments he feels are caused by and aggravated when modern-day genetically-modified grains are consumed.

Davis goes on to outline how to transition into a grain-free lifestyle including recommendations for what should stay on your menu, including a variety of lean meats, beans, nuts, full-fat dairy products, oils and fresh produce.

Finally, after making the transition, Davis explains that several health concerns, including blood sugar spikes, inflammation and thyroid issues can be calmed with a grain-free diet. As a happy side effect, many people lose excess weight, feel an increase in energy and experience greater mental clarity on a grain-free diet.

Historical references, sourced arguments, recipes and shopping list ideas are also included in this incredibly informative guide to cutting wheat (and all grains) from your daily diet.

Have you adopted a grain-free or wheat-free lifestyle? Tell me how it's working for you in the comments below!

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