What Does Drinking Hot Lemon Water Do for You?

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Lately memes with the same foodie theme keep showing up in my social media feeds.

The Benefits of Lemon Water.
How to Drink Hot Lemon Water.
Eat More Lemons.


I love lemon, but why do so many sources say that drinking a cup of steamy water served with a fresh lemon wedge first thing in the morning before having breakfast is so good for you?

In an ABC Good Morning America article online, Mattie Khan chatted with experts who revealed that lemon water can settle your stomach, make staying hydrated more palatable than sipping plain water, activate bile flow to aid in detoxification and emulsify and remove fat-soluble toxins.

Since I love tea, I thought I'd give this close cousin a try.

After drinking hot lemon water off and on for months, here are my observations:
  • I urinate more frequently while drinking hot lemon water.
  • My initial morning appetite is curbed, so I don't grab something unhealthy on a whim.
  • On weeks I drink hot lemon water each morning, I lose a bit of weight, or maintain, even when I've splurged on extra calories.
So, do you drink hot lemon water? Why? Let's chat in the comments below.

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