Reflections of The Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Whew! Maintaining a personal blog challenge is like running a marathon. 

Last week I crossed the finish line in my first ever Blogging from A to Z Challenge--and it feels great. I kept a steady pace, didn't skip any of the 26 miles, er, letters in my path and learned a lot along the journey.

1. People genuinely do care about nutrition and question what's on their plates. My passion is not falling on deaf ears!

2. Maintaining a daily blog is more than just tapping out a few paragraphs of insights. There are comments to approve, read and reply to. There are photos to snap or find. And, of course there's research (read: cook, bake, shop!) to create informative, honest posts.

3. I learned a lot from my readers and the blogs I visited during the challenge! I have a list of new blogs to peruse, books to read and recipes to try. Thank you!

4. Blogging won't make you rich. I maintain Whole Foods Living because it's my day-to-day life speaking. I write about what I encounter during my ongoing healthy eating transition. The ad revenue from this blog challenge will probably buy me a watermelon at the farmer's market or maybe another bag of organic quinoa. Yum!

5. People will blog about anything! While visiting other blogs in the challenge I met other foodies, learned about children's books, death rituals, tourist spots in Paris, how much I need a beach vacation and the antics of young children!

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living



  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge and sharing your reflections. I'm following you now and hopefully, next year, we will do it again!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed my maiden voyage and am thinking about doing it again next year. It all depends on timing and how busy I am with paid writing assignments! Thanks for following! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  2. I loved coming here during the challenge and getting information about healthful eating!

    You've inspired me to make some positive changes in the way I approach my,shopping- cooking and eating.

    Thanks so much Angela, I enjoyed meeting you during the challenge and hope you keep on feeding me helpful information.

    1. Oh, Jen! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so surprised at how my weird little everyday cooking tips and odd food facts have made an impact on some of my readers. It's awesome!! I too enjoyed lounging around your blog and learning about your fantastic family and travels! ~Angela

  3. I regularly visited you during the Challenge and now I'm a follower, too. Happy blogging!

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by again and following! ~Angela

  4. You made it across the finish line with a strong hard run. Must be from eating a lot of healthy foods, eh? You did good.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Thanks, Arlee! This was my first attempt at the challenge, so I figured I better give it my all! I'm glad I participated! ~Angela


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