Google Gets Healthy? Nutrition Search Enhancements Coming Soon

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When you write about food and nutrition often, you tend to read every blog, news article and Facebook post you can find on the subject.

This morning I ran across a piece on PCmag's website about a new nutrition-focused search feature on Google.

Check it out here: "Google Brings Nutrition Information to Search" by Angela Moscaritolo

In a nutshell, Google is introducing a new way to present search results based on nutrition questions. The search giant has loaded data about fruits, vegetables, meats, cooking and nutrition in general into it's own database. Now when you ask "How many calories are in an apple?" you'll simply get the answer, not a list of links to wade through hoping to find the information you're looking for.

Cool. Well, cool for the simplicity of search. Not so cool for those of us that want to be found by readers. But, hey, it's a move in the right direction to give people the healthy information they desire. Way to go, Google!

This new feature rolls out on mobile and desktop searches in the United States during the first two weeks of June 2013. Will you be trying it out?

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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. A friend of mine works for Google in NYC. She was behind their employee cafeteria redesign where they now position healthy food choices in the more prominent spots.

    1. Amazing! I love hearing things like that!!! :) ~Angela


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