Hummus at the Pub? Oh, Yes!

Veggies and hummus at Doyle's. Photo by Angela Tague
Not all pub food is crispy fried, covered in cheese or drenched with salt.

During my recent trip to Boston, I was overjoyed to find healthy options on the menu at Doyle's Cafe, a pub in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. You might have heard of (or seen) Doyle's talked about by Emeril on his TV show The Originals or used as a backdrop in a movie (Mystic River, 21, Celtic Pride, My Best Friend's Girl).

I settled on the veggie plate appetizer, and asked the server if I could sub the ranch dressing for hummus. Without a blink of an eye she said "Sure thing!"

As I sipped on my Angry Orchard cider (let's think of it as a serving of apples for the sake of this healthy blog, shall we?) the hubby and I admired the Samuel Adams decor in the pub. After all, this was the first pub to take on Sam Adams as a client, which gave the brewery a huge boost in sales and launching point for success.

Not long into our admiration of the bar, the appetizer arrived. My veggie plate was a crisp, fresh mix of grape tomatoes, celery sticks, sliced bell peppers, plump mushrooms, yellow squash slices, chunks of zucchini and carrot sticks. A creamy, zesty hummus was served on the side, perfect for dipping.

So, who says you can't eat healthy at the pub? I did!

Do you look for healthy options when eating away from home? Tell me about your delicious, nutritious discoveries in odd places!

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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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