Enhancing Natural Beauty with Jane Iredale Cosmetics: Magic Hour Collection Makeup Review

I'm not the average cosmetics consumer. If the product promises a bold, vibrant look, I'm usually not interested. I prefer to enhance my features with subtle, defining makeup. Each time I put on eyeliner, lip color or eye shadow, I want to look natural and healthy-- not overdone or flashy.
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I was thrilled when jane iredale asked me to test the company's Magic Hour collection, six new beauty products focusing on the eyes, cheeks and lips, in honor of the company's 20th anniversary.

Honestly, when I first looked over the makeup I was intimidated. I've never used gel eyeliner that requires an application brush or a creamy cheek blush. But after experimenting with the collection, I'm in love.

About the Makeup
As a photographer, there's a special time of day we love to go outside and create portraits. It's when the setting sun casts a warm bronze glow over the skin, mutes any blemishes and creates a warm feel to the images. This is called the 'magic hour'. So, it's no surprise when jane iredale decided to release a new collection with this name, it captured the essence of this special quality of light.

The Magic Hour collection consists of six beauty essentials:
  • In Touch Highlighter in the color Comfort
  • Lip Fixation in the colors Craze and Compulsion
  • PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple in the color Golden Girl
  • Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner in the colors Black and Brown
After applying some mineral-based foundation, I decided to create a warm, inviting daytime look with the cosmetics. I dipped into the jar of brown Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner first because I was anxious to experiment with the eye makeup infused with tiny flecks of golden shimmer. While lining my first eye, I noticed the makeup glide on smooth and even. I worked slowly and by the time I got to the second eye, applying this type of eyeliner felt like second nature. The best part? This eyeliner has no odor and lasts forever without smudging. I forgot to remove my makeup that evening, and the eyeliner was in place the next morning. Wow!

Next I experimented with the PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple. I adore the subtle cocoa and golden hues. I layered the medium tone on my eyelid, then used the lighter tone for some highlighting on my brow bone and the darkest tone to accentuate the corner of each eye. The look was a perfect neutral for daily wear.

Then I used the In Touch Highlighter to give a little definition to my cheeks. The rosy-brown shade was subtle yet added a nice healthy glow to my winter-pale skin tone. This makeup has a light fragrance that reminds me of my summer flower garden.

Finally, I finished my look with the Lip Fixation lip tint and gloss combo in the color Compulsion. It seemed to coordinate best with the In Touch Highlighter. First of all, this is the most moisturizing, lightweight lip tint I've ever used. Bonus! Second, the mauve shade gave my look a polished, ready-for-the-day feel without looking overdone.

A few days later, I tried the Lip Fixation in the color Craze--a lighter coral pink--which was perfect for an understated yet flirty evening look. When I applied the accompanying shimmery lip gloss, my smile stood out. The look was feminine but not too bold.

Overall, the Magic Hour collection could easily become a go-to color palette for everyday wear when you want a splash of color that transcends all seasons, leaving you with a polished, healthy look.

Last month I had the chance to catch up with Jane Iredale and learn more about her makeup and the Magic Hour collection. You can read our exclusive interview HERE. And, don't forget to look for the Magic Hour collection online and in stores at the end of March 2014.

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

Disclosure: The makeup mentioned in this blog post was provided free of charge from jane iredale for review purposes. No monetary compensation was sought or awarded in exchange for the review. All thoughts expressed on Whole Foods Living are solely my own. ~Angela

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