9 Healthy Living Tip, Trick and Trend Articles

Each day I try to make healthy choices.

From the food on my plate, to makeup on my face and cleansers in my home, I choose to go with simple, natural options. For me Whole Foods Living truly is a lifestyle.
Spring Salad. Photo by Angela Tague

Each morning I wake up and tackle writing assignments (yep, that's my day job) for several health and environmentally friendly focused clients. And, I love it.

So, this week I thought I'd share nine articles (not just one!) that I've written with my Whole Foods Living frame of mind at the forefront. Enjoy!
  1. Five Healthy Snacks for Work
  2. Vegetable Juicer Recipe: Super Vitamin Cocktail
  3. Home-Gardening Trend Growing: 1 in 3 Households Digs It
  4. How To Pick The Best Fruits and Vegetables
  5. Natural Shampoo for Dogs Will Please Eco-Conscious Pet Owners
  6. Celiac Disease Diet: Gluten-free Food List
  7. Trying Aluminum-Free Deodorant: What’s the Hype?
  8. Tired of PB&J? Lunches for Adults on the Go  
  9. Scott's Miracle-Gro Focuses on Sustainable Clean Water Advocacy
Have you read any great healthy living articles lately? Please share the links with me in the comments below. I'd love to check them out too!

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. Hello! I'm popping in from the a-z challenge. I'm always trying to eat better, buy real food, but I struggle! I love to bake and I find it hard to mix that with healthy eating. I'm going to follow you to check in often, and maybe learn some things!! Come visit me, if you'd like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adventures-in-the-Ballpark-Marianne-Ball/394038163950377?fref=nf

    1. Hi Marianne,
      Thanks for stopping by! I'm in the same situation. I also love to bake, but to keep the sweet calories low, I limit myself. I used to bake a new treat each weekend, now I only do it maybe once a month. AND, I try to only bake when I'm hosting a meal/holiday/birthday so that others gobble it up. Otherwise, I'll finish it myself!!! Good luck with your healthy endeavors! ~Angela


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