19+ Healthy Ways to Cook With Fall Apples

Fresh fall apples from the farm!
It's apple picking season!

A few weeks ago I plucked some plump, red fruit from the apple trees on my mom's farm. In addition to eating them as snacks, I've been trying to figure out what to do with all these apples!

Of course the usual fall favorites came to mind: apple pie, apple crisp, apple muffins.

Although those classics are super tasty, they're not the healthiest ways to use this seasonal whole food.

So, I made a big batch of applesauce lightly seasoned with honey and cinnamon -- and it's fantastic! To be honest, I also made one small pan of apple crisp. But, the rest of those apples will be gracing some of these amazing apple recipes I've collected on Pinterest:

Healthy Apple Recipes for Fall

Do you have a favorite fall apple recipe I should add to my Pinterest board above? Tell me the URL in the comments below and I'll check it out!

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Angela Tague
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  1. How about apple pie smoothies, baked apples, apple pancakes, homemade apple leather, or dehydrated apple slices?

    1. Ohh, Susanne! Those all sound wonderful! I am going to look up a recipe for apple pie smoothies! Thank you! ~Angela


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