Which Color of Onion is Healthiest?

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I've always read that colorful food is more nutrient dense than its pale white counterparts.

So when it comes to white, yellow and red onions, does it really matter which lands in your grocery cart?

Let's turn to The National Onion Association for a little lesson.

Approximately 87 percent of onions grown in the United States are yellow. Just 8 percent are red and 5 percent are white.

The spicy vegetable is grown year-round in 20 states from coast to coast, with Washington producing the most. In a year, the United States grows 6.2 billion pounds of onions!

OK, so back to the nutrition of onions. I reached out to the Onionista at The National Onion Association and here's what she had to say:

Source: Twitter
So, they're all good for you! Pick your favorite color and enjoy!

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Onions are a healthy whole food that are easy to add to any meal.
  • Breakfast: Add onions to omelets, fritatas, homemade sausage, vegetable hash and quiche.
  • Lunch: Top a sandwich, pizza, salad or bowl of chili with fresh onions.
  • Dinner: Try grilling or roasting onion halves and stuffing them as a side dish. Or, serve pearl onions in a cream sauce.
Onions are high in vitamin C, manganese, foliate and fiber. If you're trying to reduce fat and salt, but want extra flavor in your meal, try onions!

I put together a public Pinterest board called "I Love onions!" to give you a little inspiration. It's a collection of recipes, tips for growing onions and even how to use them to make a cough syrup!

So, how do you like to eat or use onions? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. I like onions. My favorite way to eat them is to caramelize them in a pan or in the oven. Then eat them as is. I also put onions in veggie omelets. I put green onions, tops and bottoms, on salads and also in a broth that I make which I enjoy as part of a meal or as a snack.

    1. I also love to caramelize them, especially on the grill with some mushrooms! I think I eat onions almost daily!! ~Angela


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