Tiger Woods Endorses Fuse Science Sports Nutrition Supplements

It's not uncommon for pro athletes to endorse products. Nobody bat an eye when David Beckham promoted Adidas sneakers, or when Maria Sharapova showed off her photography skills behind the Canon Powershot Digital Camera Series.

Tiger Woods
Photo by Molly A. Burgess,
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Last week Tiger Woods announced he will endorse Fuse Science sports nutrition products. The nutritional supplements aid in vitamin and electrolyte levels and absorption. The oral drops absorb directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestion process.

Tiger Woods says the products will "enhance every athlete's ability to perform at their natural best" and increase energy levels.

But, isn't that the role of a healthy diet?

Athletes who consume fresh fruits, vitamin-packed vegetables and lean proteins have more energy and endurance on the field than their fast-food eating counterparts.

For example, adding protein to your breakfast staves off the mid-morning munchies and helps muscles build and repair themselves after a sunrise run or pre-practice yoga session.

Will Tiger Woods' endorsement of nutritional supplements lead athletes to believe supplements are healthier than absorbing vitamins naturally from fresh foods?

Whether you're an on-the-go high school athlete or squeeze workouts into a busy work schedule, time-saving nutritional options are appealing and an excellent boost to a healthy diet. But, supplements don't cure a growling stomach or satiate a post-workout appetite.

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