Microgreens: An Even Healthier Form of Vegetables?

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I'm always on the lookout for nutrition advice and compelling stats. When I ran across the latest post from National Public Radio's food blog, the SALT, I was captivated.

Greenhouse growers are creating nutrient-dense leafy vegetables dubbed "microgreens". Imagine alfalfa sprout-looking versions of herbs, lettuces, cabbages, peas, beets and even radishes. Supposedly the two-week old microgreens can contain up to four to six times the nutrients of their mature, adult counterparts. Wow!

I think these tender greens sound like the perfect way to top a robust salad or add some greens to a sandwich. Have you ever heard of or tried microgreens? I know I'll be watching my local farmer's market and grocery stores for these vitamin-packed veggies.

Check out NPR's article, "Introducing Microgreens: Younger, And Maybe More Nutritious, Vegetables" for more details.

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  1. This just changed the whole interface of my salad addiction lol


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