Horse Meat in Burger King Burgers?

A Burger King Whopper (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Ok, if you've thought about giving up processed foods, here's another reason for your "Do it!" list.

This week Burger King admits horse meat was found in its ground beef blend at some restaurants in Ireland and Britain, according to National Public Radio's The Salt.

For those of you that feel it's fine to eat horse meat, I'm not arguing with you. Bon appetite.

What you put on your plate is your choice.

My concern is people think they are getting a burger made with beef--not horse. I'm upset about the false advertising and deception. I'd feel the same if I found out my vegetarian friendly soy burgers were prepared with pork fat. Or, my gluten-free soup was prepared with wheat-based emulsifiers.

This horse meat fiasco with Burger King makes you wonder what else is mixed into processed foods, doesn't it?

Stick to whole foods. Know what you're eating.

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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


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