Why do you eat?

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OK, I haven't fallen off the apple cart. Of course you eat to survive. Food is life. But, beyond that, why do you eat?

Hunger? Temptation? Stress? Nourishment?

I'm always curious to learn how people decide what to put in their grocery cart or on their dinner plate. Personally, I'm always looking at the nutrients in food. As a vegetarian I try to make sure I get enough protein each day.

But, sometimes the appearance of a certain food makes me want to gobble it down too. (Cookies, I'm looking at you!)

Do you pay attention to the basic food groups each day? For example, if you haven't' had any fruit by mid-afternoon, do you try to get a few servings in as a snack or with dinner? I know I'm probably in the minority, but I do consciously think about what I'm eating at each meal.

So, think about what you've eaten today. 

Why did you put it in your mouth? Did it look good? Was it what was available? Did it satisfy a craving? Is it what the doctor said you should eat? I'm curious! Tell me about your food choice habits in the comments below.

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Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living



  1. I wish I did better at eating healthier.

    I find the only way for me to be successful is to write it down.

    A food diary is the only way to curb my bad habits!

    1. HI Jen, I used to keep a food diary when I did Weight Watchers, and it is a great way to see what you've REALLY eaten through the day. It's amazing how those little snacks here and there add up. Maybe it's time to start a new food diary to get you back on track! Good luck and stay strong! ~Angela

  2. I normally ate very consciously and nutritious much like you and then I took this overwhelming job and went straight downhill getting worse and worse over this past year. I've even been eating fast food again - pure nastiness! I decided yesterday to post a walking challenge on my blog, it goes up tomorrow. The rest of this month and through March is an all out 100% clean eating and fitness commitment for me!

    1. Wow! Good for you! I love your ambition! Your blog will also help keep you accountable. I too fall off the whole foods train and love my sweets. But, then I remember I need something to write about, so I get back on! Good luck! I look forward to stopping by your blog! ~Angela

  3. I eat for the reason I am hungry though there are some cases I eat because I only love to or I am stressed. Somehow I am satisfied on what I had eaten today. I ate a very delicious vegetable salad.


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