Weird Things in My Organic Greens

Photo by Angela Tague
I try to buy organic produce as much as possible. Even through it often costs more, and requires a little extra washing, the lack of pesticides and herbicides are important to me.

But, sometimes my organic produce comes with a few strange accompaniments.

This week's package of mixed red and green romaine lettuce included a clover-like green. It looks nice in a tiny vase. I'm not sure if it's edible or a stray weed that was harvested by accident.

Tonight I found another mystery addition to the greens. It looked like a chunk of mushroom. But then I remembered I didn't add mushrooms to my salad. After a quick rinse under water, it appears to be a small piece of cooked beef. GROSS!

I even washed the greens carefully and let them drip dry for a few minutes. Apparently I need to wash each leaf individually from now on!

The hubby thinks the meat was a straggler in my cup of leftover salad dressing from a restaurant. I think I would have noticed a chunk in my creamy dressing, but maybe not. Still, that hunk of whatever didn't belong in my vegetarian salad!

Have you ever found something that didn't belong in your food? I'm thankful I haven't come across the cliche tarantula on a bunch of bananas or a thumb in a can of green beans. Whew!

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Angela Tague
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  1. Ugh, so gross! I remember finding a big black kinky hair in the middle of a burger that I had bought at the grocery store in pre-made patties, probably close to 20 years ago. It made me so violently ill that I still to this day can't eat a burger - not that it would be a good choice anyway. My most common thing is finding some kind of tiny little bug in produce, but that's no big deal - a tarantula in my bananas would be!

    1. Oh my goodness! That hair sounds horrible too! ~Angela

    2. I've had little bugs like ants in my home grown lettuce, but that doesn't bother me too much. Earwigs I despise, but they, too, can easily be flushed down the sink. Hair in food...yuk!

  2. I've gotten less squeamish over the years, but still I don't like surprises in my food. The tarantula in the bananas might make for an interesting pet though. Yeah, I'm sure my wife will go for that--not!

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