Why is My Weight Fluctuating When I Eat Healthy and Exercise?

I've been on this healthy, whole foods lifestyle mission for several years now.
Is exercising making you gain weight? Photo Credit: SXC

But unfortunately, I've been getting lazy.

Sure, I still choose fresh vegetables and cook from scratch as much as possible. But with the hubby getting on the healthy bandwagon, it's time to ramp up my healthy lifestyle and cut out the convenience processed foods that had crept back into my life little by little.

I need to use less canned beans and soak my own.

I enjoy making salad dressing from scratch, so why am I not doing it?


Ironically, over the last few months, the numbers on my scale have been creeping up. What?? I'm watching my portions closer than ever, exercising more frequently and eating even more healthy than when I started this blog. Something isn't right!

But my clothes still fit and some of my jeans are even getting a little loose.

Apparently I'm building muscle while losing fat! I can tell I feel stronger since I've started swimming and walking on a treadmill regularly. But, I never thought about the fact that my weight might creep up during this process.

So, if you're on an adventure to a healthier lifestyle, don't get upset when the scale doesn't plummet. If you're diligent with your nutrition and exercise, you might just be increasing your muscle mass!

Have you noticed your weight fluctuating despite making healthy decisions? Tell me I'm not alone in this discovery!

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. I have had that happen as well. It can be disheartening at first, but really the truth is the muscle weighs a lot more than fat, so...yay to being healthy and fit!

    1. Yay for us!! At first I was really upset, and now I'm doing the "happy dance". LOL! ~Angela


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