Beyond My Plate: Healthy Skin and Beauty Decisions

My whole foods living lifestyle goes far beyond food.

I also try to make healthy decisions when it comes to skin care products, makeup and hair care. I even opt for non-toxic nail polish and at-home manicures.

The past few weeks several friends have asked me to elaborate on how I choose "healthier" products and what I like to use.

Here's a quick primer on my decision making process and a few of my favorite makeup bag goodies and bathroom essentials.

How to Choose Healthier Beauty Products 

My method for choosing healthy products of any type is actually very simple. I peek at the ingredient list and try to read it aloud. If I stumble over any 16-letter words, it doesn't go in my shopping cart.

I look for products created without animal testing or animal byproducts. Sometimes it's difficult to find affordable vegan options, but I do my best within my budget. 

I also avoid the "popular" offenders that all beauty bloggers eschew because they either disrupt hormone functions, claim to be carcinogenic with prolonged use or clog our pores and interfere our body's natural cycle of sweating and breathing. (Peek at the photos above for a few ideas.)

When in doubt, choose simple one-ingredient products.

My Favorite Natural Products 

Lotion: I rarely use products labeled as a lotion anymore. Instead I turn to noncomedogenic oils (that means they don't clog pores) to naturally hydrate my skin and nails. My top favorites include pure coconut oil, pure jojoba oil, pure cocoa butter (it smells like chocolate!!) and extra virgin olive oil (yes, straight from the kitchen cupboard).

Body Wash: Look for castile soaps. They're vegetable-based and very gentle on sensitive skin. Right now I'm in love with the invigorating scent of Kirk's Original Coco Castile Body Wash Grapefruit and Ginger. It's the perfect morning wake-me-up soap!

Makeup & Nail Polish: As a beauty blogger, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to try so many great products for review purposes. In the last year alone I've discovered brands that will stay in my beauty bag forever. Here's a few products for you to investigate:
Hair Care: I like to try different types of shampoo and conditioner every few months. My hair gets bored and seems to perk up when I make a switch every so often. 

I look for organic hair care products because as I rinse all those chemicals are being whisked away into our public water system. If I can reduce my impact on the local water supply, I do it. Lately I've been using Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil or Organic Italian Red Grape shampoos and conditioners.

So, how do you keep your beauty routine healthy? Tell me (and my curious readers) in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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