Does the Egg + Banana Pancake Recipe Really Work?

I know I'm not the only one who looks at foodie memes on Facebook and Pinterest wondering if they really work.

The perfect, low-calorie, gluten-free pancakes using only two ingredients sure caught my eye.

They look delicious. But, are they?

I put the pancake recipe to a test. 

If you haven't seen this meme, the picture claims that mixing one large egg and one banana together into a batter and pan frying it makes pancakes. Wow!

So, I made this for dinner last night. After all, the recipe uses two whole foods as ingredients! Here's my take on this recipe.
  1. Texture: I used a very ripe banana, so the batter came out thick and very similar to pancake batter. The cooked pancakes were very moist. They reminded me of a dense omelet, not pancakes.
  2. Taste: They tasted good -- if you like banana pancakes. I think they'd make a good side dish with breakfast, but not as the main entree. The banana flavor is pretty dominant.
  3. Ease: This was super easy to make since there's no measuring or pancake mix to spill. But, they did seem to take a little longer to cook than traditional pancakes. Turn the heat to just below medium and don't flip them until the edges start to look a little dry. (The tops don't bubble like pancakes.)
  4. Calories: One banana, one large egg, 1/8 cup of real maple syrup and 1 tablespoon of real butter for frying and topping come out to roughly 380 calories.
Overall, I thought these were pretty good. Will they be my new go-to pancakes? No. But, will I make them again? Probably. They're simple and taste pretty darn good!

So, have you tried this simple "pancake" recipe? What did you think?

Until Next Time,
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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. I will definitely try this--I've wondered about it as well. FYI, it's really hard to read tis post with the background colors overpowering the words.

    1. Thanks for commenting. The text is black on a white background, so I'm not sure what you're referring to? Can you please explain what you're seeing on your end? Thanks! ~Angela

  2. Hi, Angela. I haven't made these, but have always wondered how the recipe would turn out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and results of this recipe.

    We like banana pancakes, but I use a mixture of wheat flour, almond flour, and oat bran when I make mine by scratch. Guess I'll have to make them for one of my Meatless Monday postings.

    1. It was a fun experiment. I think the texture could be improved with a bit of flour, so I'll have to try that next time. Thanks for visiting! ~Angela

  3. Like you, I've seen these and they did seem too easy to be good, so thank you for tryng them! My son is gluten free (dairy free too) so I'll have to give this a try for dinner tonight :)

    1. Oh, thanks for stopping by! I hope they turn out good for you and your son likes them. Keep me posted! ~Angela


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