A to Z Blog Challenge Week 4 Recap

We've come to the end of the fourth week of the April 2012 A to Z Blog Challenge!

Each day in April (excluding Sundays) I've been spotlighting one letter of the alphabet. Have you been following along?

Tomorrow I will feature "Z", the last post in the A to Z Challenge!

Although today is a day off from the Challenge, I thought I'd post a quick recap. If you missed any posts on Whole Foods Living in April, here's a list of quick links:

April 1: An Apple A Day: Kicking off the 2012 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!
April 2: Easy Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe
April 3: Is Cinnamon a Health Food?
April 4: How to Get More Vitamin D
April 5: How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally
April 6: How to Eat Flax Seed
April 7: Gluten-Free Food List
April 9:   Eating Raw Honey
April 10:  What is Food Irradiation?
April 11:  Juicing 101: 5 Tips for Tasty, Healthy Juice
April 12:  Kale Chips! Salty Snack Attack!
April 13:  Leafy Green Quiz
April 14: Marvelous Mushrooms
 April 16: Why Blog About Nutrition?
April 17: My Love Affair With Olive Oil
April 18: Do You Eat Papaya?
April 19: 3 Ways to Eat Quinoa
April 20: Types of Rice
April 21: Strawberry Sauce in 5 Minutes
April 23: How to Grill Tomatoes
April 24: Do You Love Umami?
April 25: Vegan Vs. Vegetarian
April 26: Whole Foods Quiz: Test Your Nutrition Knowledge
April 27: What is Xanthan Gum?
April 28: A Yam is a Yam
April 30: Z...coming soon! (Hint: It's not about zucchini!)

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. Just one more day. This year went so much easier than last year. Not sure why.

    1. This was my first year. It was more work than expected, but fun and a learning experience for sure. I just wonder how my blog traffic will change going forward...hmmm.... ~Angela

  2. Hi Angela! Great recap of all your A to Z blog posts.

  3. I like to put lemon zest in my blueberry muffins (a bit of coconut too). It makes them taste tropical to me.

  4. GREAT idea. I just Facebooked this post. I am thinking about what my own A-Z list could be.


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