Lemon Basil: My Favorite Herb of the Summer

For the past several years, I've thought about planting herbs in the flower boxes by the backdoor. Each year I fill the planters with flowers and scorn myself for not growing something more practical.

But, this year I finally did it!

After an impromptu stop at a local garden center, I was the proud owner of some parsley and lemon basil.

I grew up putting parsley on everything from green salads and roasted potatoes, to hot vegetable casseroles and pasta salads. But the lemon basil was a new herb for my palette.

It tastes just like fresh lemons AND basil. It really is an odd combo at first taste. If you've never had lemon basil, poke around at the local farmer's market or garden center. It is a true treat!

So far I've used it fresh from the plant:
  • as a topper on homemade pizza
  • mixed into pasta drizzled with Alfredo sauce
  • mixed with lemon slices in my ice water
  • chopped and sprinkled on grilled mushrooms
As I research this curious little herb, I'm learning its flavor is most robust when used fresh, so add it to dishes at the last minute or as a garnish. Lemon basil is common in Thai, Laotian and Indonesian cuisine. If you eat at Middle Eastern restaurants often, you might recognize this flavorful herb.

Have you ever tried lemon basil? How to do you like to incorporate it into your cooking? I have a huge plant to use up this summer. Make my mouth water!

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. Hi, Angela. I've never tried lemon basil, but will have to in the future. I never did get any herbs planted this year. Definitely have to next year.

    1. Yes! Do plant some herbs next year. I'm having so much fun adding them to meals to spice things up a bit! Have a great day! :) ~Angela


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