Getting Healthy in 2015: Here's What Worked for Me

Do your New Year's resolution ideas involve getting healthier? Losing weight? Cutting out junk food?

You've come to the right blog to help you along your journey.

I've battled yo-yo weight loss (and gains!) for longer than I can remember. Thankfully in 2014 I made changes that helped me reach my healthy goal weight and feel better on a day-to-day basis.

So, I'm happy to share! It's no secret: make diet changes and exercise regularly.

Halloween at the pool! I'm the "carrot" on the end!

But, here's how I did it. I downloaded a cellphone app called My Fitness Pal. It tracks how many calories you burn when exercising and doing routine things like cleaning the house or walking the dog. It also tracks how many calories you eat at each meal and when you're snacking. This app has helped me realize my portions were out of control, even when I was eating healthy whole foods. If you stick to it, My Fitness Pal WORKS!

I also started exercising regularly. I hate treadmills and don't really care for the elliptical or stationary bikes. So, I found activities that I truly enjoy, including water aerobics, swimming laps, yoga and weightlifting. I try to do one of these activities at least five times each week for an hour at a time.

If you're thinking you're too old, have bad knees or won't fit in at a gym -- think again. I exercise next to 70-year-old women with hip replacements. The gym culture isn't all buff 20-somethings. There's a huge variety of people trying to get healthy.

If 2015 is the year you're going to make a change and get healthy, good for you! Take it one day at a time and remember that each day is a new chance to sneak in some exercise or pass on those second helpings at dinner. You can do this!

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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