Nutritionist Brad Kloss Talks Milk, Protein and Exercise

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If you haven't thought about drinking milk since the days of tiny cartons in the lunch food line, listen up.

Today on the blog we have expert insight from nutritionist and health club owner, Brad Kloss. He's the nutrition guru behind FitPro, a lactose-free natural protein shake backed by Super-Middleweight Champion of the World and celebrity fitness trainer, Danny Musico.

1. Here at Whole Foods Living, we love single ingredient foods. Tell us why you think milk should be the new super food.

Milk is a single ingredient food that combines protein with essential amino acids, fats high in CLA, carbohydrates in form of lactose, as well as high levels of calcium.

However, today's technology allows us to gently filter out the lactose sugars and fats from the milk, which leaves us with the much wanted concentrated protein and minerals.  When we developed FitPro, our goal was to remove all the lactose naturally, because we already get enough sugar and carbs from our modern day’s food options.  But getting enough protein is hard: You don't really carry a chicken breast in your back pocket. Additionally, finding convenient, healthy, natural and great tasting protein options is even harder – so we provided an option to fill that nutrient gap in our everyday life.


2. Several readers on WFL are trying to make healthier lifestyle decisions, which include a huge focus on diet and exercise. How does milk fit into this equation?

Milk protein in its natural state is 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein. Whey protein digests within an hour, while casein protein takes 4-6 hours to digest. Whey powders were developed primarily from the byproduct of the cheese making industry.  However, the slower digestion of casein protein helps one to feel more satisfied for a longer period of time.  It’s like a 5-hour protein that keeps feeding your body with essential nutrients. 

A consistent supply of protein, particularly milk protein which provides essential amino acids, is excellent for people who have concerns with their blood sugar levels.  Obese individuals, from kids to grandparents, need to find ways to effectively balance the scale in their favor. The best kept and simplest secret to do this is to balance the protein-to-carb ratio in one’s diet.


3. Some people simply don't like drinking a glass of milk. What are some ways we can get the benefits of this dairy product in other ways?

I have personally overseen and conducted flavor tests of FitPro to thousands of people, and when people taste FitPro, they realize that it isn't milk.  It does have the benefits of the protein from one of nature’s best sources with an excellent amino acid profile, but it tastes like dessert. 

Let me draw an analogy:  Soy milk is also very popular, but when you drink soy milk does it taste like a soybean?  No, it doesn't. It’s the same with FitPro. It doesn't taste like milk, but it uses milks most valuable nutrient – protein.


4. I'm a vegetarian, and am always looking for healthy ways to boost my protein intake. Tell me about your natural protein shakes.

 I have many friends that are vegetarians and love FitPro. One FitPro Daily is similar to a small chicken breast in protein content. My vegetarian friends always tell me that a FitPro and a banana make a perfect breakfast, as well as mid-day snack.


5. So, we all know milk does a body good. But, exercise is just as important. Give our readers some beginner's exercise tips to make 2015 their healthiest year yet.

I have owned more than 20 health clubs over the years and have helped a lot of people to lose weight, become healthier, and achieve their goals. The key objectives for most of us are to exercise to keep our bodies flexible and to rev up our metabolism so that we burn calories all day long.

So get moving with cardio and stretching, maybe take a beginners cycle class or a body pump class at the gym.  Work out for 45-60 minutes at least 3 times a week, and go for a bike ride or walk on the weekends. 

Always change up your routine and use resources to get ideas. For example, check out Celebrity Trainer Danny Musico’s website, which provides some amazing functional training tips that you can use in your living room. Once you get your metabolism kicked in gear, that's when you will see the inches coming off.

BUT... You must not starve yourself!  You must stay in a fat burning mode, and that means no crash diets. My friends at Diet Free Life are experts in knowing how to snack and eat everything you like, but in the right proportions and at the right time. FitPro has just teamed up with Diet Free Life to help people know how to balance their nutrient intake.  Diet fads and super work out videos come and go, but the basics of revving up your metabolism through exercise while feeding your body properly to stay in the fat burning mode is as simple and glamorous as it gets.

Thanks so much for your nutrition knowledge and exercise tips, Brad. We love learning more about the foods we put into our bodies and how they can help us maintain and boost our healthy lifestyles!

Brad Kloss is devoted to his roots as a dairy animal nutritionist who opened his own health club which now operates in multiple states. After he became frustrated with the lack of natural protein products on the market, he realized it was time to merge his knowledge of dairy nutrition together with dedication to fitness to give consumers a better protein source that they both needed and deserved. Working with the University of Minnesota's dairy science lab, he developed a groundbreaking process that takes REAL grade-A milk fresh from American farms then filters it down to become a very high-quality, lactose free, and all natural protein shake.  He also proudly continues the family legacy with his two daughters, who are both actively involved in the business. 

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living

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