Sometimes You Should Eat Weird Things

Purple carrots on my salad.  Photo by Angela Tague
By my friends' standards, I'm an adventuresome eater.

I don't think twice about putting quinoa, tempeh and flax seeds in my grocery cart.

But for me, those are normal weekly groceries.

So, I get really excited when *I* find something truly unique at the grocery store. A few weeks ago my favorite supermarket expanded their organic offerings.

While browsing the fruits and vegetables, I came across a bag of carrots. I know. That's not really exciting. What caught me off guard were the colors!

Purple. Yellow. Lavender.

I instantly knew I had to try them. Would they taste the same as the old garden variety orange carrots I've eaten forever? Or, would they be different?

I made a nice big salad for lunch and topped it with the sliced vegetables. Although they were crunchy and sweet, I couldn't tell any difference in flavor. But, they sure are pretty, especially the two-tone purple variety.

When you're embarking on a healthier lifestyle, sometimes you just have to jump in and try weird foods with funny names or uncommon colors. You never know what delicious item you'll add to your weekly grocery list next!

What's the most uncommon thing you like to eat? Tell me in the comments below about the food that makes your friends and family give you strange looks.

Until Next Time,
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Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


  1. I guess jicama might be considered strange. Don't know of too many people that eat it. It's been quite some time since I've eaten any myself.

    1. Hi Susanne,
      I have never tried jicama! I have heard of it, but never noticed it in my local grocery stores. Hmmmm...
      Thanks for visiting! :) Angela

  2. Don't they say you eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth? That salad looks wonderful and I must say I've seen yellow carrots but never purple.I must keep an eye out.


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