The 8-week Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer

It's rare for me to keep a reference book on the end table by the bed. The 8-week Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer has been my bedtime indulgence for several weeks now and has become my current resource of choice when learning about the benefits of healthy, whole foods.

The 480-page book is packed with recipes, personal insight from the author and skin care information that goes far beyond how to exfoliate your skin or why you need to drink more water.

Karen, a former television personality and model, wrote the book because her baby was suffering from eczema and she wanted to learn more about health and skin care for her family. During her quest to become more informed and healthier, she earned the title of certified nutritionist and author.

My favorite parts of the book include the:
  • quick-read Q&A sections dispersed throughout the easy-to-understand text
  • nutrients per serving information included with the recipes
  • the holistic approach to skin care through nutrition, exercise and emotional well-being
  • the simple language used to dig deeper into why it's important to eat healthy
So, what about the actual diet, or 8-week program? I haven't even gotten that far yet! Since I tend to be pretty strict about what's on my plate anyway, I honestly haven't felt the need to dive in right away. But, since I enjoy doing juice cleanses and food challenges, it is on my summer to-do list. Watch for updates here on Whole Foods Living!

This book is fantastic. Whether or not you do the book's recommended 3-day alkalizing cleanse or follow the 14-day Healthy Skin Menu, you'll still benefit from this invaluable reference.

The 8-week Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer from Robert Rose book publishers hits store shelves on March 30, 2013.

(Disclaimer: Yes, this book was provided free of charge for review purposes. But, all opinions expressed on Whole Foods Living come from me, Angela Tague.)

Until Next Time,
Choose Healthy!

Angela Tague
Whole Foods Living


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